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Chris Patterson and Robert Plant

Chris Patterson ‘10 and Robert Plant ‘10 met each other while working at the Towson University Admissions Office from 2006 to 2008. From there the duo would transition together to other working venues and projects.  They both worked at Seasons Pizza and also collaborated on a shared passion of making music together. Their friendship has progressed from working together through college to creating their own company. After graduating, Chris and Robert created PlayerLeak, a social media network geared toward serving the sports industry. Their mission is to make a positive impact on the sports industry as they plan to start offering PlayerLeak to the world. PlayerLeak can benefit athletes looking to define their brand, players looking to join a team, fans looking to track a team or player, coaches looking to stay connected with their players, programs looking to manage team schedules, and all other sports enthusiasts in a number of ways. The concept of PlayerLeak has come from both Chris’ and Robert’s experiences in and out of school.
Due to his families’ military background and their frequent re-location, Chris’ opportunities in sports as an athlete were limited. When Chris started his time at TU, he participated as an athlete and as a student in Sports Management. Chris was the creator of the TU Men’s club Basketball program in 2008, and played on the team from 2008 to 2009. His involvement in Towson University athletics further added to his passion for the industry and helped him to realize the potential for him to make a positive impact. At Towson, Chris was able to tailor his class curriculum to understand how sports helped countries come together, like the Olympics, and to see how sports impacted individuals and their communities. During his time at TU, he interned for Baseball Factory, which is associated with Under Armour where 9th and 10th graders are presented with exposure to colleges and are coached on ways to improve their athletic skills. With the experiences from his childhood, his participation in sports, and his internship, Chris realized that athletes and sports enthusiasts alike are interested in progressing in their sports involvements but are missing a market to more efficiently extend their reach to fans, coaches, teams, leagues, trainers, other athletes, and those who may be able to positively impact their future. 
Additionally, Robert has an interest in sports and was on the men’s ice hockey team from 2005 to 2009. He is currently an assistant ice hockey coach for DeMatha High School, and works for Booz Allen Hamilton as a consultant on top of his involvement with PlayerLeak. Robert absorbed Chris’ ideas for PlayerLeak and helped with the production of the product. Within two days, Robert had sketched out the design for PlayerLeak and has since worked with a production team to polish the development of the social media platform. Robert used what he learned at Towson University to help him with the development of PlayerLeak. “It’s about being a part of something that is your own. You can learn at TU, but then you have to get out there and do it for yourself.” The platform is currently in its Beta stage, and the PlayerLeak team plans to host a Beta trail period in the coming weeks. Following that, the team hopes to successfully secure funding to continue to develop the product and further build their team. Chris and Robert are already looking at the next steps for PlayerLeak. Of course, they want to be the leader of the digital community for those in sports, but they are also considering branching out to include live events like sports camps, networking events, and motivational speaking engagements to, other platforms of interest are hosting charity sporting events such as 5K runs, and basketball games, to give back to the sports community and to help less fortunate athletes secure new/used equipment.
In addition to creating, developing and launching PlayerLeak, Chris and Robert have maintained their involvement in the sport industry and at Towson University. Chris states “you should reach back to a part of your history. Stay in touch with connections you have made over the years while at Towson University. I met Bob through TU and it’s given me the opportunities for PlayerLeak.”  Robert realizes that Towson University not only helped provide him with the technical skills, and friendship with Chris, but also helped provide connections to further develop PlayerLeak. “We were in the initial stages of development and were pursuing other options with the development team. We reached out to Clay Hickson, the director of Towson Global. Through him, we were able to get in contact with our new developer. Towson is the perfect place to start if you are looking to take the first step toward achieving your goals. It has helped with our mission and our connections. There are so many resources here.”

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