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Brian Levin '02

Brian Levin graduated from Towson University in 2002 with a communications degree concentrated in advertising from the College of Fine Arts and Communication. However, Brian does not work in an advertising firm or at a marketing company. Brian is a film producer in Los Angeles and has just wrapped his first feature film Flock of Dudes. The film is about a thirty year old man-child who has decided to break-up with his friends after a series of unfortunate events. 

Brian had been interested in television with the hopes of continuing his education to become more versed in the steps that create a successful final product. He chose Towson University because of the fundamental classes that were offered so that he could polish his existing skills. Towson University offered (and still offers) the resources that provide Brian with the classes and environment to add to his interests and passion. “Here I could develop the strong skill set I was already gravitating towards. I was able to develop the skill set as a writer and producer. I took writing and production courses…to hone and polish a specific skill set in related classes.”

While attending Towson University Brian worked with Bob Castrone, president of WMJF, on the production PreGame at the campus television station. Brian was able to write, produce, direct, and act. “The organization circled around what I was interested in. They showed all of the aspects of what I wanted to do: editing, writing, production, directing and acting.” The skills obtained while working on PreGame have a direct relation with his current production Flock of Dudes. Both features were created with the help of Bob Castrone. Both have a similar feel and tone with the feature film that is more exaggerated for a longer length of time. “Flock of Dudes is an outgrowth of our style, our style from the shorter length shows into a feature film. All of the productions have had their challenges; but you’re dealing with the same issues on a larger more time consuming scale. The movie is a larger expression of us.”

His time at TU has not only helped with creating a feature film but with some of its script and content as well. Brian admitted that if he were to look back on the script he would see correlations between the film and his time on campus. “The movie reflects on a certain time in my life, like my 20’s. I could probably pinpoint a few characters or characteristic traits that are Towson related.”
Flock of Dudes wrapped earlier this year and has entered the editing stages of production for its national movie theatre release in 2014. While Brian was writing and rereading the final script, the characters started to match specific actors in the industry. Luckily, Brian was able to secure his ideal actors to capture the characters that had been shaped and molded for the previous five years. The film includes an amazing cast including actors from Whitney, New Girl, Big Bang Theory, Pitch Perfect, and other mainstream TV shows and films.

With the finishing touches in place, Brian started to think about his next cinematic adventure. He wants to accomplish “more feature films. I want to do my next feature film in Baltimore. The script is written -another comedy, a throwback similar to the style of Caddy Shack.” The possibility of his continued success is related to his time at Towson University. “So many relationships and resources are available (to you) on campus to use in your education, career, or (to) help develop friendships.” All of which Brian took advantage of while he attended Towson University, has used since graduation, and has helped his current path of success. “This is the place to do all of that. Take advantage of what is available to you, create the friendships to mold your skills, use the tools you learn, and hone your skills for future endeavors.”

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