Tiger Spotlight - Samantha Silverman '13

Samantha Silverman recently graduated from Towson University in the spring of 2013 with a degree in business with a concentration in marketing. Four years ago, Sam did not think her experience at Towson University would have been possible. Sam grew up about 20 minutes away from Towson and was originally unsure about attending college. She decided to apply to Towson University to see if she would be accepted.

She planned to gain a degree in business, but also wanted to incorporate music into her studies. While attending the Destination Towson fair Sam was informed about the Campus Activities Board (CAB) where she could become involved with music events and activities. She joined CAB and participated in the organization beginning in her freshman year and held the director position her junior year.  In addition to Sam’s involvement with CAB, she was an intern at Rams Head Live her sophomore year and a music columnist her junior year. Her involvement at Towson University spanned outside of music as a trip leader for Alternative Breaks, an orientation leader, and she also participated in Leadershape which brought out her confidence within herself, her visions, and her goals.

With her background and interest in the music industry, Sam has attended Warped Tour a popular music festival, for four years. While at Warped Tour two years ago, Sam was given a sticker that would impact her life more than just accessorizing her notebooks or computers. Sam was given a sticker from the organization Just Tell. Just Tell is a non-profit organization with the mission of “Empowering kids to speak up about sexual abuse”. This year, Sam realized that she could volunteer with an organization and possibly travel with Warped Tour. Sam reached out to numerous organizations, but did not hear back for almost six months. After much waiting Sam received an offer from Just Tell to join their street teams, with the possibility of promoting the organization at multiple Warped Tour locations. Knowing the mission and purpose of Just Tell, Sam was excited to start working with a non-profit she has a personal connection with while accomplishing one of her dreams.

Sam volunteered with Warped Tour at their New York City and Boston location. While working with Just Tell, Sam was able to stay with Just Tell’s founder Vivian Farmery. “It was so much more fulfilling than I thought it would be” she said. Sam was able to learn about Vivian, why she created Just Tell, and was offered an amazing opportunity. Vivian asked Sam to work for Just Tell on their marketing initiatives. Sam accepted Vivian’s offer and continues to work with Just Tell on their marketing initiatives including SEO on a freelance basis. “I want to keep working with Just Tell knowing we have a mutual want for each other.”

Sam realized she had connected with the Warped Tour attendees when people would stay to listen about the non-profit’s pursuit in empowering people to speak up about sexual abuse. Not only were people listening, but they were donating, showing Sam that what she was doing was positively impacting Just Tell and the individuals it helps. “The organization didn’t help me with my (past related) experience. My experience helped the organization.”

All Sam experienced at Towson University, both inside and outside of the classroom, molded her into who she is today. Sam wants to show students what they can accomplish and how they can benefit from all of the opportunities Towson University has to offer. Her involvement at Towson University has created self-confidence that has greatly impacted her career roles and volunteering experiences. Her previous participation with CAB shows a direct correlation to her current positions in the music industry by being able to effectively delegate, manage, and plan music festivals.

Sam continues to work in the music industry as a Marketing Assistant for Soundstage in Baltimore and as a tour manager for local band Megosh. “I want to revolutionize the music industry. I want to make the minority a majority by working with smaller artists who have a passion for music rather than how many hits they sell so that its labels are happy.”  In the future, Sam hopes to continue working with Just Tell or with other non-profits as she states “I will not work at a company that I do not believe in. I would never do something just for money.”

To learn more about Just Tell visit http://www.justtell.org/

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