Alumni Groups and Alliances

Alumni group and alliance pages allow alumni to network within groups of specific interests.  The communities are managed by an appointed volunteer administrator.  This administrator is granted permission by the Alumni Relations Office to update the community page and manage its members.  Group and alliance pages give alumni the opportunity to promote event information and news updates to a select group instead of the entire alumni population.

After logging in securely, alumni can access an online directory of other Towson graduates and join groups and alliances to build their networks.

Current groups and alliances:

Human Resources Development
Alumni Group


*Please note some groups and alliances require a secure login. If you do not have a Tiger Tracks account, please click on the first-time login link at the top of the page or contact the Office of Alumni Relations at

Can't find an alliance or group you identify with?
If you would like to propose a new group, please fill out the alumni alliance application form.  We would be happy to hear your suggestions and potentially create another alliance.