Volunteer & Outreach

    Alumni Volunteer and Outreach Program Offerings Include:

    The Towson University Admissions Office Program

    Department/Program Title: The TU Admissions Alumni Program

    Purpose: The Office of Admissions are currently seeking volunteers. The goal of this initiative is to provide prospective students with a unique perspective that only alumni can share. Students and their families are interested in how Towson prepares student for the real world and job market. By attending college fairs (typically 2 hours per fair) and sharing your TU experience with potential students, you can help your alma mater continue to grow.

    Responsibilities and Opportunities: 

    • Attend and participate in college fairs.  

    • Speak with potential students about your TU experience.  


    Must be an Alumna/us of Towson University with a positive college experience and career. Must be willing to share personal experiences with potential students. 

    Contact Information:

    If you are interested in attending college fairs with the Office of Admissions please email Madeline Kern

    Alumni Commencement Volunteer 

    We invite you to take part in the excitement of Commencement as an alumni volunteer. It is one of the best ways for alumni to engage with the campus and student body. Your time on campus will begin with a festive alumni breakfast or lunch (depending on the ceremony for which you volunteer). A shuttle will then take you to the athletic complex to assist the graduates.

    Volunteer Duties: As an alumni volunteer, you will interact with the next cohort of alumni as they prepare for the processional in the student robing room. This will be a fun, interactive way to share in the excitement of Commencement before the students walk across the stage and proceed on as your fellow Towson University graduates. 

    For more information and to register as a volunteer for commencement, please visit www.tutigertracks.com/commencementvolunteer 

    College of Education (COE) Programs

    Department/Program Title: The Reading Clinic 

    Purpose:  The Reading Clinic is comprised of a team of educators from diverse backgrounds who have a passion for literacy instruction. They offer assistance to anyone of any age who may have learning difficulties, lag behind their peers in reading and writing, are not motivated to read and/or anyone who desires the opportunity to learn or improve their reading and writing skills. The Reading Clinic also works with parents to be better equipped to support the family’s literacy efforts at home. We are currently seeking reading specialists to help tutor children. We could also use anyone with a marketing background to help us market our program. Lastly, we could also use anyone who speaks Spanish or Chinese who could translate for other tutors as we are expanding our services to ESL students this summer. 

    Responsibilities and Opportunities: 

    • Assist during clinic sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

    • Help market the expanding program to the Towson community. 

    • Help translate Spanish and/or Chinese to English for tutors and students. 


    Must be an Alumna/us of Towson University with a passion for literacy. Teachers, Marketing Professionals, and Multilingual alumni preferred but not required. 

    Contact Information:

    If you are interested in volunteering with the Reading Clinic, please contact the Director:
    Shelly Huggins, Ed.D.
    Hawkins Halls, Room 201M
    Department of Elementary Education
    College of Education
    Phone: 410-704-2009
    E-Mail: shuggins@towson.edu
    Or ReadingClinic@towson.edu

    College of Business and Economics (CBE) Programs

    Department/Program Title: The Business Excellence Program  

    Purpose: The Business Excellence program, which includes the Business Communications and Professional Experience courses, is seeking alumni (particularly CBE alumni or alumni in a business-related careers) to come speak to classes about their experiences. They also host events in the fall where they invite subject matter experts and others to answer questions about a number of topics from social media to working with people from different generations to professional etiquette and readiness.

    Responsibilities and Opportunities: 

    • Speak with classes about your professional experiences. 

    • Attend/Participate in CBE events such as forums, panel discussions and career fairs. 

    • Mentor and/or hire CBE students to help them advance their careers. 


    Must be an Alumna/us of Towson University CBE or an alumna/us who has a career in the field of business.

    Contact Information:

    For more information on how alumni can get involved with CBE, please visit their website at: 

    Alumni interested in getting involved in events can fill out this form and will be contacted:

    Alumni interested in speaking to classes within The Business Excellence Program may email:

    College of Fine Arts and Communication (COFAC) Programs

    Department/Program Title: AileyCamp Baltimore at Towson University 

    Purpose:  AileyCamp is a free innovative summer program for youth, ages 11-14 that uses disciplined dance training, creative writing instruction, personal development, and communication workshops, to help campers develop a respect for themselves and others that meaningfully impacts their lives. COFAC are seeking alumni to actively participate in fundraisers throughout the year and during the summer camp. 

    Responsibilities and Opportunities: 

    • Assist group leaders during summer program. This may include field trips as needed. 

    • Document AileyCamp with videos and photography. 

    • Help with the day-to-day operations of the camp (answering phones, running errands etc.).


    Must be an Alumna/us of Towson University with a passion for the arts. Seeking organized and friendly alumni to assist with interviews, selling Ailey merchandise, parent orientation, opening day and field trips.

    Contact Information: Please email aileycamp@towson.edu or visit their website www.towson.edu/aileycamp. 

    RSVP, Retired and Senior Volunteer Program for Baltimore County

    As an individual age 55 and older, you have acquired an array of skills and talents. Have you considered applying these experiences as a volunteer to make a positive impact on an area(s) of need within Baltimore County? Whether you are available one day, one day per week, short-term or long-term, there is an opportunity for you. Make a difference and contact RSVP to begin your journey to serve, for example by performing medicare counseling, tax preparation, career coaching, energy conservation, rehabilitating houses, planting trees, serving at food pantries, mentoring children, assisting in kindergarten classes, visiting seniors in their homes, teaching nursing home residents their rights and so much more.

    Contact information: Briana Lawson, RSVP Project Director  
    Company website: http://volunteer.truist.com/baltimore-county/volunteer/
    Email address: blawson@baltimorecountymd.gov
    Instructions to participate: To explore these opportunities contact Briana Lawson, RSVP Project Director at 410-887-3101.      

    Questions?  Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 410-704-2234 or alumni@towson.edu. To submit your program for consideration on this website, please fill out the online application.