Ways to TAP In

We've included a variety of activities, opportunities and ways for you to “TAP” in because we recognize that the interests of our alumni are individual and varied. We encourage you to get involved at your own personal level of interest and comfort.

Speak from Personal Experience

You or your family benefited from Maryland's system of public higher education, and you know that it can be a lifeline to opportunity and prosperity. Moreover, you understand the special role of our public universities and recognize that full access to a college education, regardless of background or geographical location, is essential for all our citizens.

Help Make Towson University a Priority
By doing so, we can ensure that policy-makers place it on their agenda. You can help us by calling policy-makers' attention to your interest in education policy and thanking those policy-makers who are working hard to make higher education a priority in the state of Maryland.

Share Your Story
Your Towson experience is unique and valuable. By sharing your story with your friends, family and neighbors, you help spread the word about the great things happening at your alma mater. Don't be afraid to tell your state legislators about your college experience.

Thank Your State Representatives

Thank your State Representatives for supporting Towson University and Maryland's system of higher education, and for being your representative voice in the General Assembly.

Contact Your State Legislators
Contact your state legislators to support higher education and Towson University by telephone, mail, fax, e-mail or personal visits.

Be Informed
Get to know the legislative process in Maryland.  Visit the Maryland General Assembly's Web site.
Learn about Towson University and its priorities. Check out Towson University's Web site and read campus publications, newspapers and marketing materials.
Tell Us What You Are Hearing
We need your feedback! Let us know what concerns your legislators have. Tell us what they think about Towson University. Feel free to e-mail us at alumni@towson.edu.

Attend Legislative Fundraisers
Attend legislative fundraisers, based on your own personal interest and financial ability. Information regarding these activities is available upon request.

Visit Annapolis
Visit Annapolis while the General Assembly is in session. Citizens are invited to observe the legislative process from the gallery.

Encourage Other Alumni
Encourage other TU alumni to participate in letter-writing campaigns or telephone trees to legislative representatives outlining and supporting TU's legislative priorities.

Remind Legislators that TU Deserves Support
Remind the Maryland General Assembly that Towson University is an outstanding institution with a time-honored history of providing a quality education to citizens of the state of Maryland . Towson University deserves continued support through the state budget. You might cite examples of university programs and scholarships that positively affect your area. Tell your legislators about these activities. University staff can help you identify some of the university's economic partnerships that have a positive impact in your community.

Ask Questions
If you want to know more about the university's position on certain issues, ask us! University representatives will be pleased to brief you by telephone or to visit with you or your community when you have questions about current policies.