Why Get Involved?

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The Towson Advocacy Program (TAP) is a grass-roots effort to gain support for public higher education in Maryland and, more specifically, for legislative initiatives at Towson University.

Participants in the program are Towson alumni and friends who have expressed an interest in assisting the university. By contacting members of the Maryland General Assembly and encouraging their support of higher education, TU alumni and friends can exact a positive response from their legislators and encourage stronger support during the decision-making process.

Regardless of how you view legislative politics and policy-making, one thing is certain: You have a vested interest in the decision-making process. Chances are you have very specific concerns. As a business person, for example, you might pay close attention to the effects of state and federally mandated employee benefit plans. As a parent, you will probably be interested in the skyrocketing cost of tuition. As a Maryland taxpayer, you are probably concerned about where your dollars are spent. 

If you have been involved at any level of state or federal government or have observed the process through the media, you understand how difficult policy-making can be. Competing interests vie for attention, but there is never enough money to provide for all. Legislators face many short-term pressures as issues arise. They are not "all-knowing" or "all seeing," and they need your input to make determinations that will have a long-range effect on some of our community's biggest challenges. There is not always a lot of response time for concerned citizens to address critical issues. An advocacy program such as TAP must be in place if we are going to be effective in helping to exact change.