Alumni Association


The Towson University Alumni Association is an internal alumni association as recognized by the University System of Maryland Board of Regents and Towson University, and is an activity of and operated by the TU Office of Alumni Relations.

The purpose of the Towson University Alumni Association is to serve the alumni through programs, benefits and services, and to involve the alumni in the promotion, advancement and support of the mission and goals of Towson. The association represents the interests of alumni in developing and implementing the mission and policies of the university.


The TU Alumni Association does not require a membership fee. Membership consists of all graduates of Towson University, Towson State University, Towson State College, State Teachers College at Towson, the Maryland State Normal School, and the Baltimore Teachers Training School.

Non-degree members are defined as any student who attended TU and earned at least 60 credits. Upon request, these members will be invited to attend TU alumni programs, receive TU alumni mailings, and will be maintained in the TU alumni database, as non-degree members.